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Whats running on the agent…?

Ever wanted to now what rules, monitors and discoveries is running on the OpsMgr agent? I sure did..

Now the answer is a great Powershell script written by Stefan Stranger.

It is to be found here:

Installing Operations Manager agent on Solaris 9 SPARC

Today when installing OpsMgr R2 agents on a couple of Solaris servers we ran in to a problem on the Solaris 9 servers.

The error we got in OpsMgr:
<![CDATA[Executing command: echo -e mail=\ninstance=overwrite\npartial=nocheck\nidepend=quit\nrdepend=quit\nconflict=nocheck\naction=nocheck\nbasedir=default\n > /tmp/scx-$USER/scx;uncompress -f /tmp/scx-om_unix/scx-1.0.4-248.solaris.9.sparc.pkg.Z


We found this on the Solaris box:
[ verifying class <config> ]
## Executing postinstall script. .scxsslconfig: fatal: open failed: No such file or directory
pkgadd: ERROR: postinstall script did not complete successfully
Installation of <MSFTscx> failed.
bash-2.05# ssh –version
Sun_SSH_1.1, SSH protocols 1.5/2.0, OpenSSL 0x0090700f
Bad escape character ‘rsion’.

And if you look in Appendix A in the Operations Manager 2007 R2 Operations Guide you se that OpenSSL is required. So after installing OpenSSL the agent install went fine!
Sun does not provide a version of OpenSSL for Solaris 9 SPARC. There is a version available from Sunfreeware.

Restarting Health Service. Health Service exceeded Process\Private Bytes threshold.

I have been trying to fix an issue with a SQL 2008 cluster node restarting the Health Service every 10 minutes. Logging EventID: 6024 with the description:
RestartHealthService.js : Restarting Health Service. Health Service exceeded Process\Private Bytes threshhold.

It didnt mater if I did an override on the monitor Health Service Private Bytes Threshold. I got the event anyway

Then I realized that this is a multi-homed agent, so when I did an override on the same monitor but in the other management group as well, the problem was resolved.

The OpsMgr Health Service has a new name in R2

In OpsMgr 2007 R2 Microsoft seems to have changed name on the service running on the agent. From OpsMgr Health Service to System Center Management.
Don’t know if this is going to stick in the final product.