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Creating a xplat script monitor from the console, System Center 2012 Operations Manager

Announced in the Technet forum last week was the new ability to create a UNIX/Linux Shell Command Monitor. Download the file from here, run it and after importing the file called Microsoft.Unix.ShellCommand.Library.mpb you will be able to create a two and/or three state UNIX/Linux script monitor from within the Operations Manager console.


To create a monitor simply start the Create a Unit monitor wizard.

Make your choices:


Give the monitor a Name select Monitor target and choose if it will be enabled.

Select how often your script will run on the agent.

In the Shell Command details you need to provide your command or path to binary/script without line breaks. So my little script that checks if a file exists.

if ! [ -f /tmp/OPSMGR.SE ];
echo "Error"
echo "OK"

Needs to be put in a file on the agent or as a one-liner. Otherwise it wont be possible to continue the wizard and a red exclamation will show, like in this picture


Putting the script in one line makes it look like this, I removed #!/bin/bash so the line wont be marked as a comment..

if ! [ -f /tmp/OPSMGR.SE ]; then echo "Error"; else echo "OK"; fi


Specifying the Error Expression


Specifying the Healthy Expression


Finish the wizard and your monitor is now running.


32bit management pack on 64bit Windows Server

When using a management pack designed to discover a 32bit application and that application is installed on a 64bit server OS the application will probably not get discovered.

This is because the 32bits app will write its registry keys in the HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ (because its a 32bit app on a 64bit system) and the discovery will look for keys and values in HKLM\SOFTWARE\

To resolve this you can either create the registry keys under HKLM\SOFTWARE or install a 32bit agent on the system.
If you install the 32bit agent it will bee replaced every time you do a upgrade from the console, and worse you wont bee able to monitor your 64bit system properly.

When author MP’s for OpsMgr 2007 R2 there is a new feature that can be used in the discovery.

Should go somthing like this:


And this will make it look in the Wow6432Node

Edit Company Knowledge

When you try to edit Company Knowledge on a rule or a monitor you need Word installed from Office Professional, not standard professional! And then you need to install “Visual Studio Tools For Office runtime”. If you don’t have VSTOR installed you will get the following error:
Visual Studio Tools For Office runtime is not installed.

Download for VSTOR is here: Visual Studio Too………
Be sure to grab the one for the same language your Office installation is in, otherwise you’ll end up with the same error as above.
Supported version of Word is Professional Edition 2003, 2007 or 2010. Only 32-bit is supported!

Also, be sure that it is the Visual Studio 2005 Tools!